Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,

Here I am again, true to my two week writing plan...(plan? Ha! You know as well as I do that I never plan! That would smack of effort!) Here is the latest juicy tidbit of my life:

I met two Keris in two days. That never happens! I have met Carries and Kerrys and Carys and Karis, but seldom have I met another Keri. There was one, however, at the social studies conference I attended this Saturday (whoop, whoop for exciting weekend events). Seeing a matching appellation on her name tag, I went up and introduced myself. I even tried out the good, "Keri is so very..." bit from the old lotion commercial (believe me, she looked old enough to remember it).

She stared at me like goo on gum. She wasn't one bit impressed with me nor my tag line.

Fate brought me another chance, and I met a Keri yet again tonight at a church meeting. This woman looked fun and friendly, not to mention hip enough to remember good tv ads with her name in them, so I dared try the Keri lotion thing again.

Nothing. Nada. Crickets chirped a chorus or two. What's up with that? Am I the only Keri fascinated (make that fixated) with the lotion that bears our name? Additionally, why is it, do you suppose, that all the Keris I am meeting are about 20 years older than I? Could it be that you bequeathed me with a vintage name?

I've got it now: Keri is so very...generational. You can call me Norma.

Good night, my sweet parents. Before bed I'm going to go moisturize with some of my favorite lotion. Perhaps you've heard of it? Norma is so very...normal. I mean, Cordelia is so very...cordial. Or was it Beatrice is so very...balmy? Oh, I know: Hazel is so very...healthy.

Love Always,
Your eldest daughter,