Sunday, February 17, 2013

(take 7)

The time I woke, and couldn't get back to sleep. 
Joshua went shopping for his Valentine tonight, giving me a lesson or two in love and romance.
Michael surprised me with a box of heart shaped bubble blowers for my school class (enjoy the extra picture this week of the kids blowing their bubbles at our Valentine's Day party).  He teaches me about love and romance all the time.
Happy Valentine's Day!
The prize I found in my car on Thursday morning.  Yum!
The view from a cave called Rick's Spring.  We stopped there on our way to Bear Lake where we got to stay for the weekend (at Bear Lake, not in the cave).

This was taken while standing ON Bear Lake.  It was pretty neat.  So were the ice bowling and chili contests we attended later on in the afternoon in little Montpelier, ID.  Happy Birthday, Michael!

Modeling my oh, so attractive skirt made out of a scarf, since I forgot to bring a dress for church.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

(take 6)

Our Winder Dairy bags, representing what is otherwise known at our house as "Keri's Folly."
No, not a Christmas tree.  A winter wonderland tree.  (See the snowflakes?!)  And winter lasts a long time around our house...

Meetings at the Stake building.  Hard to go, but always enjoyable being there.
My little darlings at Wednesday morning dance class.

A date night with Evan (eating the best Pho ever!).
A date night with the Daniels and the hubster (he was parking the car) to the Capitol Theater.
A wonderful evening spent enjoying "Young Women in Excellence," which these young ladies truly define.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

(take 5)

 Dinner.  Monday.

 Dinner.  Tuesday.

 Band/Orchestra concert.  Wednesday.  No dinner.

Me, sans the facial hair and purple sweater 
(mine was orange), taking the Praxis exam.
Thursday.  No dinner.

 A date with Linessa.  It wasn't dinner, but we did enjoy
a most delicious Saturday lunch at Blue Lemon.

Superbowl Sunday.  It was all about the dinner!