Sunday, March 4, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
Life around here is the same old, same old. That's not a bad thing-not by a long shot. It's just not much to write about.
Here are some tidbits about the nothing much that has been happening in our lives, just in case you're life is equally same old, same old, and my same old, same old is at least different enough from your same old, same old to be somewhat interesting to you...
Lane, as you know, got his mission call. He had troops of friends around as he opened the large white envelope. With great anticipation Lane opened that large white envelope, and silently scanned the words with his eyes before reading out loud, "You have been called to serve in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma mission....Spanish speaking."
Then laughter. Lots of laughter. I don't think it occurred to any of us that there actually was a mission in Oklahoma. Let alone Spanish speaking!
I wanted Lane to do an impression of Steve Martin as Ruprecht in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," or to sing a bar or two from "Oklahoma the Musical." Then there really would have been some laughter! I doubt, though, that he knows either of those shows. Pity. Think I have time to educate him? I've got until June 13th...
Speaking of educating, school is still going well for me. I mean, I think it's going well. I also think I am observed an awful lot, so maybe things aren't as great as I think they are? My principal has been in to observe, people from the district have been in to observe, even the school superintendent came in with the principal once for a brief moment or two to observe. Yikes! That about made me pee my pants!
School seems to be going well for Joshua, too, at least it has been ever since the school psychologist worked her magic (thank you, school psychologist, for working your magic). Things seem to be going well after school, as well. Joshua has bunches of friends over almost daily to do homework and study. Mostly it seems that their homework involves jumping on the trampoline and eating whatever food they can forage around here. Joshua has great grades, though, so he must be learning something somewhere. Maybe it's all that brain food (read "Doritos") that he's finding in our cupboards?
Well, I'm off to bed now, trying to rest up and re energize for all that the next week encompasses: school, soccer, soccer, school, stake activities, school, soccer, and more stake activities. Somewhere in there I should probably try grocery shopping (got to keep those kids fed, you know, with brain food). I might actually try and see my husband a time or two, as well. But it'll probably only happen if he shows up to school, soccer, or a stake activity!
Hope your week is equally normal as ever. Love you always and forever.