Thursday, September 3, 2015

Still Happy

Michael took our whole family out on the town yesterday.  We went boating, had dinner, and then went moonlight canoeing on the Provo river.  This guy knows how to have fun!

I continue learning and growing at school.  I understand that's what it's for.

Lane started school again this week.  He is quite adept at imitating the teachers he doesn't like, and makes it so funny and real, I feel that maybe I don't like them either, even though I've never met a single one.

Joshua is growing three inches taller as I sit here typing.  He will be another three inches by tomorrow morning.  And his hair is magnificent.  He continues to live solely to play soccer.  On the off chance that he is not at a soccer game or a soccer practice, he does go to school.

Evan and Emily spoke in their church meeting today.  They did a fantastic job.  Emily used excellent scriptural examples of people using their agency wisely.  Evan taught us all well about how to use our agency to apply the Atonement in our lives.  Good stuff.

My gold star for happiness typically involves food and/or family, and this week is no exception:  so glad I got to eat food and see Dana, at the same time!  Bliss.