Sunday, March 4, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
Life around here is the same old, same old. That's not a bad thing-not by a long shot. It's just not much to write about.
Here are some tidbits about the nothing much that has been happening in our lives, just in case you're life is equally same old, same old, and my same old, same old is at least different enough from your same old, same old to be somewhat interesting to you...
Lane, as you know, got his mission call. He had troops of friends around as he opened the large white envelope. With great anticipation Lane opened that large white envelope, and silently scanned the words with his eyes before reading out loud, "You have been called to serve in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma mission....Spanish speaking."
Then laughter. Lots of laughter. I don't think it occurred to any of us that there actually was a mission in Oklahoma. Let alone Spanish speaking!
I wanted Lane to do an impression of Steve Martin as Ruprecht in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," or to sing a bar or two from "Oklahoma the Musical." Then there really would have been some laughter! I doubt, though, that he knows either of those shows. Pity. Think I have time to educate him? I've got until June 13th...
Speaking of educating, school is still going well for me. I mean, I think it's going well. I also think I am observed an awful lot, so maybe things aren't as great as I think they are? My principal has been in to observe, people from the district have been in to observe, even the school superintendent came in with the principal once for a brief moment or two to observe. Yikes! That about made me pee my pants!
School seems to be going well for Joshua, too, at least it has been ever since the school psychologist worked her magic (thank you, school psychologist, for working your magic). Things seem to be going well after school, as well. Joshua has bunches of friends over almost daily to do homework and study. Mostly it seems that their homework involves jumping on the trampoline and eating whatever food they can forage around here. Joshua has great grades, though, so he must be learning something somewhere. Maybe it's all that brain food (read "Doritos") that he's finding in our cupboards?
Well, I'm off to bed now, trying to rest up and re energize for all that the next week encompasses: school, soccer, soccer, school, stake activities, school, soccer, and more stake activities. Somewhere in there I should probably try grocery shopping (got to keep those kids fed, you know, with brain food). I might actually try and see my husband a time or two, as well. But it'll probably only happen if he shows up to school, soccer, or a stake activity!
Hope your week is equally normal as ever. Love you always and forever.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,

Here I am again, true to my two week writing plan...(plan? Ha! You know as well as I do that I never plan! That would smack of effort!) Here is the latest juicy tidbit of my life:

I met two Keris in two days. That never happens! I have met Carries and Kerrys and Carys and Karis, but seldom have I met another Keri. There was one, however, at the social studies conference I attended this Saturday (whoop, whoop for exciting weekend events). Seeing a matching appellation on her name tag, I went up and introduced myself. I even tried out the good, "Keri is so very..." bit from the old lotion commercial (believe me, she looked old enough to remember it).

She stared at me like goo on gum. She wasn't one bit impressed with me nor my tag line.

Fate brought me another chance, and I met a Keri yet again tonight at a church meeting. This woman looked fun and friendly, not to mention hip enough to remember good tv ads with her name in them, so I dared try the Keri lotion thing again.

Nothing. Nada. Crickets chirped a chorus or two. What's up with that? Am I the only Keri fascinated (make that fixated) with the lotion that bears our name? Additionally, why is it, do you suppose, that all the Keris I am meeting are about 20 years older than I? Could it be that you bequeathed me with a vintage name?

I've got it now: Keri is so very...generational. You can call me Norma.

Good night, my sweet parents. Before bed I'm going to go moisturize with some of my favorite lotion. Perhaps you've heard of it? Norma is so very...normal. I mean, Cordelia is so very...cordial. Or was it Beatrice is so very...balmy? Oh, I know: Hazel is so very...healthy.

Love Always,
Your eldest daughter,

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
Another two weeks, gone! Perhaps this is my new M. O. for blog posting? Perhaps not. We'll all just have to wait and see.
I have no excuse, other than being overcome by the natural man, and just not writing. We've actually been doing lots of fun things around here. So I could have shared that Michael took me to see The Four Tops and The Temptations in concert. It was sooooooooooooooo awesome (yes, I did just write soooooooooooooo, just like I tell my third graders not to do...). Michael said that the best part of the concert was watching me. I guess I was giggling like a school girl and smiling from ear to ear the whole time. I don't doubt it. I do know that I was up singing, dancing, clapping, and cheering almost the whole time. Who can sit during songs like "Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch" and "The Way You Do the Things You Do"? I'm pretty sure that I was ridiculous. Truly, though, it was an amazing concert: amazing to see original members of each group perform, amazing to see their choreography (especially The Temptations, who were in complete sync their entire performance), amazing to hear their lyrics and harmonies, and amazing to be up, out of my seat, singing and dancing along with them. What a great night.
I cannot say the same for the performance of "South Pacific" that we saw the week previous. The company was great, though (shout out to Lindsay and Dave). Well, it was great once we actually got to see Lindsay and Dave. You see, we bought season tickets with Lindsay and Dave to the Broadway Across America series. We thought it would be wonderfully fun to double date with them and see all these shows. But, the first show (Blue Man Group), Lindsay and Dave bowed out because of baby Ben. Lindsay gave us her two tickets and we took Lane and Joshua, who absolutely LOVED the show. They were thoroughly entertained. And it was a super show, at least the parts I stayed awake for were (see, there's that natural man again). Thanks, Lindsay! We all think you're awesome!
Anyway, we were supposed to be sitting next to Lindsay and Dave for the showing of "South Pacific," but Michael's dad had thrown away and/or shredded our tickets to the shows (another story, another day) and when we had the tickets reprinted, both sets of tickets were printed for the same two seats. For whatever reason, Lindsay and Dave were not too thrilled with the idea of having Michael and me sit on their laps, so we ended up sitting somewhere else for the first act, and then moving next to them for the second act when many seats opened up because people left at intermission. Yeah, it was that good. I mean, I guess you could call it good if you didn't expect to see choreography in the musical numbers (I think the director was going for "South Pacific" the drama that happens to have music, rather than "South Pacific" the musical that happens to be dramatic), or if you didn't expect the singers to hit all their notes well (classic moments in the show RUINED!), or it might have been a really good show if you were expecting to see nude men running out of the shower shacks. Ummmmmm.....okay. Not your "Hale Centre Theater" production of "South Pacific," that's for sure!
Speaking of the south pacific, let me just end today's ramblings by recommending a book that deals a little bit with WWII in the south pacific. It's called "Unbroken" and what it is, is un-boring.
Well, parents, I'm off to church to try and learn how to ward off (no pun intended...get it? "Ward" off? Ha!) the natural man a little more. And then perhaps, just perhaps, I may write a bit more frequently. Maybe.
Love you for sure, forever.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,
I know I missed two weeks of writing, but really I have a good excuse: Christmas and New Years. And I did think of what I might write about (and still might, given the right alignment of the universe) the whole time, so that's got to count for something, right?
For example, I knew I would want to tell you about how Lane made us answer Bible trivia questions correctly (he got a deck of scripture trivia cards in his stocking, a perfect gift to answer his request for things to prepare for his mission) before we could open up a present. I would definitely want to tell you that I got to open up a whole lot of presents before Michael did--Ha! I would also want to tell you about the question that asked how many loaves of bread and how many fishes Jesus had to feed the 5,000. I said, "Seven and three," and someone else said, "Eight," and someone else said, "I don't know," and someone else agreed with my answer of seven fish. Then Lane read the correct answer, which was "Five loaves and two fish," to which Joshua promptly replied, "Wow. Jesus is even more amazing than we thought!"
I would then tell you that my children entertain me immensely.
Then, if I were to go on an tell you about our New Year's celebration, I might mention to you about our trip to St. George, sans Lane, who wanted to spend New Year's Eve with a girl, and not with us. I might tell you how perfect the weather was, and how neat it was to watch fireworks dot the valley below us as the clock struck midnight. I would probably throw in a story or two about Lane NOT getting to ring in the New Year with a girl, since the girl he wanted to spend it with was picked up by her dad, just ten minutes before midnight.
So, someday I might share all that. Someday I might even tell you about our first week back to school and work. Some of it has been hard and some of it has been really wonderful. Remind me to tell you about wonderfully answered prayers.
Yes, there is certainly a lot to tell you. I'd better go to bed now to get the strength to do that, sometime!
Good night. Good hugs and loves, too.