Monday, January 28, 2013

(take 4)

Family Home Evening.  Look how it's gone techno...for the kids, at least.
(Still paper and pen for me!)

"I have a dream..." papers by my 3rd grade class.

What else do I do besides school?  (Oh, yeah.  I go to soccer.)
These are some of the totem poles the class has made.

Proof that Michael beats our children!
You can't tell this, but our driveway was an ice sheet.  
Michael and Joshua were sliding up and down...

Michael took this.  It's pretty typical of our nights at home:
Joshua in soccer clothes finding something to eat, 
me, grading papers.  Pure excitement, as you can tell.

Not my picture, but it was where Michael and I went for our date.
We happened to run into some very dear friends there
and spent the rest of the evening catching up over appetizers
at Applebees.  We love you, Anderls!

Michael and his true love...Sadie.
We got another snow storm and Michael just HAD to
get the snow plow out; service is his middle name 
(actually, that part really is true about him, and he really does love Sadie).

Sunday, January 20, 2013

(take 3)

 After getting stuck in the snow two or three or four 
or maybe more than five times,
it was time for a visit to Discount Tires...

Art based on the works of Karl Momen. He's mostly known around here for his "Tree of Life" (otherwise known as the big tennis balls thingy), but at Morningside Elementary, he's soon to be known as the real live artist who came to our school.

 Pretend the picture is rotated, 
and then see how cute Mr. Snowman is.  At least,
I though it was pretty cute when this is where I found the 
snow shovel (which I needed, after getting stuck in
our cul-de-sac...again)!

 Time for voice lessons.

Everyone should be so lucky.

 Everyone should be so brave.  They were shopping, 
with crowns on, just...because.  That's pretty awesome.
Sunday morning selection: it's all about the tights.
(P.S.  I chose the light tan ones with flowers that look like tattoos.)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Penny Pinching (take 2)

January's glyph now decorates our school hallway.
How many ways are there to follow one set of directions, I wonder.
30 or more, it seems, and I'm glad.  

Where's Waldo?

Mmmm...must be morning.
Pancakes? Must be Wednesday.

A super snowstorm...30+ hours of falling fluff!

Will power: zero.
(But it was dark chocolate, so it was a healthy choice, right?!)

The dreaded task.  Ironing eight
 UPS uniforms = true devotion (delusion?) to my husband.

 Whose fanny is that hanging out?  Sheesh.
What kind of example am I setting for these lovely young women, anyway?
I hope they got something out of the lesson today besides my booty.  I know I did.

Fourteen cents, and counting!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Penny Pinching

Colin loves his wife.
He's going to give Amy $5 for each picture she takes this year, helping her earn money for a fancy schmancy new camera (she's really good at taking pictures) (and painting shoes) (and writing papers) (and making Colin happy).

Colin loves me, too.
He's going to pay me a penny.  Per picture.

I'm going to earn me some money!

Happy New Year!
What a wonderful night at Temple Square.

The Morning After. 
Completely Wiped.Out.

I'm back... (yes, that was written with creepy inflection).
Just look at those braniacs, on task and everything!

This practice test does not bode well for my Jan. 31 final.

Nothing says Friday Night Fun more than teenagers on their way to Denny's.

Nothing says Saturday Night Fun like a visit to the library.

An evening of rest.
And Downton Abbey.

That'll be seven cents, please, brother.