Sunday, October 10, 2010


Owing to the fact that today is ten ten of ten...I thought I might up the celebration a bit by posting ten things at ten o'clock. Whoo, boy! Hold me back from tipping those excitement scales!
Anyway, here 'tis: a brief update, listed in no particular order--just what comes to mind first, second, third, fourth, and so on. Gotta' love those ordinals...
  • Lane had to have surgery on the pinky finger he broke while wearing a girl's cheerleading outfit.
  • I bought a new rug for the front room. It is zebra print and makes Michael go wild (not because of the print, but because it cost money.)
  • Evan has been assigned to be an ASL (American Sign Language) missionary. He took some ASL classes in High School, but somehow I doubt he learned words like the Book of Mormon and baptism by immersion there, even if we do live in Utah.
  • I started rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol" last week. I will again be reprising my role as third girl from the left, a slight change from my role as third girl on the right I just finished playing in "The Pirates of Penzance."
  • Joshua's soccer season just ended. His team managed to keep themselves in the Premier league, despite major setbacks. I managed to be only slightly less confused at when it is and when it isn't off sides.
  • I followed a recipe to the T in making some ice cream for dessert tonight. It was absolutely disgusting, and I am going back to my dump and see method of making anything.
  • Teaching is going better. We've only had to have a police officer come in to our class once! (That's for real. I have a student who continually steals, so I invited an officer from our district police to come in and talk to the whole class in an effort to thwart the problem.)
  • My dad is out of the hospital and making progression towards a homecoming.
  • Michael took Joshua and me (Lane was out with friends, as per usual) out to dinner at a restaurant that was celebrating Oktoberfest. He ordered something that came with purple sauerkraut and two fried eggs on the top. I nearly threw up. I ordered a delicious Reuben sandwich and still nearly threw up (after eating the whole thing, that is).
  • I am going to bed now.