Sunday, August 23, 2015


My friend introduced me to a great podcast (apparently also a book and a blog and a Facebook page...but I haven't looked into any of those yet) called...

It's pretty great.
Anyway, one of the "gold star" awards given in an episode (#3, maybe?) was for boring family updates.  I thought, "I can do boring."  So, in the pursuit of goes boring.

Michael and Lane went camping/hiking with the scouts.  They climbed King's Peak.  Michael and the boys played on a city-block long slip-and-slide.  Michael has to work for two more weeks, and then he is going to Lake Powell.  Michael likes to have fun.

I am back in third grade.  School started Wednesday.  I have 39 students in my class.  That is too big for me to wrap my little brain around, so I have given it up to the Lord. Truly.  So, instead of stressing too much about school, I listen to podcasts, go hiking, and shop.  And so far that seems to be working all right.  

Evan and Emily are happy.  He plays with her hair.  She makes us all laugh.  They have a sweet little apartment filled with newlywed bliss.  

Lane is back from Peru.  Lane is back from hiking King's Peak.  Lane bought a new car.  Lane is looking for work, applying to schools, and hanging out with friends.

Joshua started his junior year in high school.  He asked a girl to the Homecoming dance (still a month away), without even a smidgen of parental encouragement.  Let's not dwell on the fact that he asked the twin sister of the girl who previously took Joshua to a girl's choice dance; their family drama/dynamics are for their own blog update.

And finally...

My happiness gold star of the week:  grabbing from my barrel full of options (yes, my life is that blessed), I'm going to go with my unexpected sister-date with Lindsay.  That was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, and her money.

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