Tuesday, October 13, 2015


We had a family discussion.  The question was: What, outside of food/drink and people, could you not bear to live without right now?

Michael:  my job.
This is very telling.  Michael must work, and it's not just because he needs to support me and my shoe-shopping habit. Michael cannot not work.  It's just in him: he has worksomnia.  Even when he comes home from his job, Michael keeps working: he mows the lawn, he prunes the trees, he straightens the garage, he organizes his desk, he washes the windows, he makes us wash the windows. He just doesn't stop.  Once upon a time, when Michael actually didn't have a job for about a 5 week period ('nother story, 'nother day), Evan and Lane both hung their heads in dismay when they heard the news. Lane summed up their fears exactly when he said, "That means Dad's gonna' be here all day to make us work!"  Michael definitely needs his job.

Lane:  my car.
I'm not sure if he was serious about this, or not.  He went on to tell us about the terrible dreams he is having each night, all involving his car.  In one dream, Michael borrowed Lane's car, and broke off all the the dashboard dials.  In another dream, Joshua and his friends cinder-blocked Lane's car and ripped the car doors off.  Poor Lane.  Sounds like what he really needs are some dreamless nights.

I think that there was one point that Lane said he couldn't live without his knee brace.  He had his ACL repaired this past February, and it has been hard for Lane to have his physical prowess somewhat limited.  Still, even with a healing knee, Lane is ever out there and doing: he recently ran a 5K trail running race and took second place in his age division, he goes mountain biking AT NIGHT with his friend Ethan, mountain climbing and hiking, and is looking forward to the upcoming ski season.  Yep.  He is lucky to have his knee brace, and his knee!

Joshua:  soccer.
That about sums up Joshua.  He lives, breathes, and sleeps soccer.  Sometimes he goes to school. It is such an interruption to soccer.

Me:  books.
I really, really, really, really, really enjoy them. I am so thankful to our Heavenly Father for organizing this world such that there are writers, publishers, illustrators, printers, etc. so that I may read books.

Happiness gold star:  my discovery of black licorice ice cream, particularly a black licorice ice cream and mandarin orange soda float! Delish!  I smile and sigh with delight each time I partake.

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